Competition model yachts have long been our area of greatest expertise with top competition results at all levels of racing - International, National, State and Club. This success has ensured a big demand for Float.a.Boat designs over the years. All boats are designed by Adrian Brewer.

To date, our boats have won 16 Australian National Championships, numerous State and Club Championships, as well as National wins or top places in U.S.A., England, Scandinavia and Europe.

Model yachting is one of the oldest recreational modelling activities, dating back to the mid 1800’s. Competition model yachting is controlled internationally by the International Sailing Federation - Radio Sailing Division. (I.S.A.F. - R.S.D.) National authorities of affiliated countries organize the sport within their own countries and Australia also has State Councils which work directly with the clubs.

Float.a.Boat designs yachts to the following racing classes -
One Metre Class (hull length - 1 metre)
M Class (Marblehead class - hull length 1.27 metres)
10 rater Class (variable hull lengths - approx. 1.3 - 1.7 metres)
A Class (variable hull lengths - approx. 1.5 - 2.0 metres)
The two most popular classes, worldwide, are the One Metre Class and the M Class, mainly due to their convenient size. The 10 rater is a lightweight fast boat, while the A Class boats are rather heavy, but most satisfying to sail.

A range of fibreglass hulls to the racing classes is available. These can be purchased as bare hulls complete with drawings. Although we have built many championship winning boats over the years and have offered this service to others up until recently, we regret we are unable to continue this work at this time due to the large volume of other commissions performed by our workshop.

We carry a very large range of quality yacht fittings for racing models by some of the world's best manufacturers. Due to a big interest in old pond yachts and their restoration, Float.a.Boat also has a variety of traditional fittings suitable for these historic models.

Radio Control Eqipment, Sail Winches, batteries and chargers are always in stock. We are pleased to advise on setting up a model and the alternative sheeting arrangements for different winch types and rigs.

A range of woven cloth and mylar film is available by the metre, for all your sail making needs. Coloured luff tape, corner reinforcing tapes and narrow double sided seaming tape is also sold, along with eyelets and punches.

We carry a wide range of “fun” yachts, in kit form or a alomst ready to sail (ARS) complete with R/C Fitted.
We have also sold the small “Micro Magic” kit for several years along with all the spare parts for this amazing little model. An increasing number of clubs have introduced the “MM” as an entry level racing class.